About Alma

Alma is the proud pet mom of two beautiful tuxedo cats, Gnocchi and Domino. Shortly after finding Gnocchi, Alma became TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) certified in hopes of rescuing Gnocchi’s relatives. Yet another cat Domino, who is Gnocchi’s great niece, would soon adopt Alma. We are happy to say that most of the cats were adopted and Alma’s family in Forest Hills, NY is still caring for those not adopted.

It is the inspiration of these two companions and their rescued extended family that has made Alma such a devoted pet parent and advocate. The compassion that Alma possesses is not a learned behavior. It was only natural instinct for a devoted health care professional to widen her scope of care and compassion to animals.


Alma has a degree in biology and later completed rigorous academic and experiential rotations in various renowned hospitals in New York City that lead to a doctorate in pharmacy. Since graduating, she has been practicing pharmacy in various industries for the past 13 years. It is her intense medical training, working knowledge of biochemical and physiological processes, and ability to interpret research data that gives her the tools to create a sound nutritious raw cat food product.

Her goal is to provide Bio-Appropriate nutritious food for cats-a population she often calls the “second class citizens” of the pet world. One can put together the greatest minds and have the best intentions but what drives Alma and what she brings to the equation everyday, is the true love and compassion she has for those who don’t have a voice.

A happy and healthy cat population is her goal.