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“Delighted with the food – I should say so! One of my girls, a LH who was second best LH Manx in the country the year I was showing her (Named GC Romanxx Lil) has been having some problems with loose stool. I started giving her some of the Fegnion exclusively, and not only have her stools cleared up, but she is LEAPING around in the cage I had to confine her in anticipation of getting her feeding!”

Jean Brown, Kannapolis, NC

“Xigris started having bad breath, tartar buildup and gingivitis. The vet informed me that it could be stomatitis(the immune system attacks the plaque on teeth). The possibility of having to have his teeth pulled if it progressed was the last straw. The transition was an absolute breeze and all my trepidations about raw food were gone. Xigris loves his Fegnion! His eyes, dandruff and oral health have improved significantly. The greatest change has been in his stool — little to no odor. I have recommended Fegnion to all of my friends as well!”

Angel, Briarwood, NY

“Two of my cats like it.  The sick one, with lymphocytic stomatitis, is getting better on your food and has not had steroid shot for over a month, and she has an appetite.  No episodes of  irritable itchiness either. Thank you very much —  this food was the solution in a very hopeless situation for my Zuzia.”

Anna, Middle Village, NY

“Daisy is a 9 month old Maine Coon who I adopted from a family in Upstate NY when she was 3 months old. Since bringing her home I tried a lot of different types of wet and dry food. Since cats are finicky eaters she rejected most of the foods I tried.  After reading about the benefits of raw food in a felines diet, Fegnion Rare Nutrition Products was an obvious choice. Fegnion lives up to its promise of having the freshest, most natural and purest ingredients. Daisy loves the taste and I love the health benefits. Daisy’s coat is thick, shiny and she does not shed as much as my girlfriend’s cat who is fed processed dry food. Daisy now weighs about 9 pounds and is strong and healthy. I will continue to feed her Fegnion Products and I recommend that if you have a cat or dog, and you want only the finest most natural products, that you should give it a try.”

Neil, Ozone Park, NY

“Milky was rescued in 2012 from a hoarder along with another 20 cats & kittens. He was undernourished, sick and very scared.  With a lot of love, patience and care he got from his rescuer, he was  nursed back to health.  At first he wasn’t very sociable with humans.  Rescuers thought he would have a slim chance of getting adopted, therefore his left ear was tipped as a sign to other rescuers that he has been neutered just in case he wouldn’t be matched with a pet parent.  As a result of living in a dirty and unhealthy environment, he had developed an eye condition which caused him constant runny and infected eye(s).  He was put on a Fegnion raw diet  and in a matter of few weeks his condition started to clear. He became more active and just overall happier kitty. Today, I am glad he adopted me and the joy he brings into my life is priceless.  I hope I bring happiness in his as well. I don’t think that people know just that little bit of time and patience, they can turn an unsociable  cat into an amazing, loving creature that I call Milky, sometimes Mr. Pink Ears.”

Jay, Flushing, NY